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Tackling Youth Unemployment in Nigeria – Diagnostic Report

underemployed. According to the 2016 Global Youth Development Index, Nigeria ranked 158th out of 183 countries in the domain of employment and opportunities. One unique feature of the economic growth problem in Nigeria is its inability to create more jobs. Considering the growing youth population, estimated to reach 135 million by 2020, this is a significant concern. This report provides a diagnostic of youth unemployment in Nigeria to provide a better understanding of the challenge and evaluate the impact and effectiveness of current job creation programmes and strategies. It also assesses government capability at making and delivering evidence-based policy in this regard and identifies the key challenges that need to be addressed to improve youth employment outcomes. It analyses how the uncertain economic outlook is affecting young people’s labour market and social outcomes, which is central to being able to shape institutional and policy responses.

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Youth unemployment, Global Youth Development Index

Focus Area(s): Unemployment

Country of Reform: Nigeria

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