Who we are

The PERL programme consists of three interdependent but closely linked pillars. The lead organisations responsible for each pillar plan and work together to support sustainable governance reforms through an approach anchored in political economy analysis and learning.

  Pillar 1 – Accountable, Responsive and Capable Government (ARC), managed by DAI, works directly with Nigerian governments to strengthen systems, develop more transparent, responsive, and accountable processes. ARC helps governments to work more closely with citizens, identifying and addressing blockages to effective service delivery.
  Pillar 2 – Engaged Citizens (EC), managed by Palladium, works with citizen groups and representatives, the media, and the legislature. EC supports these partners to represent citizens’ voices, bring their priorities to the attention of government, and hold government accountable for the delivery of services.
  Pillar 3 – Learning, Evidencing and Advocacy Partnership (LEAP), managed by ODI, works to strengthen the use of evidence and learning to inform decision-making and improve PERL’s effectiveness. LEAP conducts research and integrates learning into the programme.