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Lagos State Security Trust Fund Case Study Report

The Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF) was established by then Lagos State Governor Fashola in 2007. It is a public-private-partnership (PPP) designed to provide additional equipment and logistics support to under-funded federal security agencies operating at the State level. The LSSTF has been broadly successful, contributing to the reduction crime and insecurity, improved perceptions of public safety and increased investment in security equipment. This has been reflected in strong upward trends in business investment in Lagos state, improvements in the general public’s confidence in police capacity and addressing (to a degree) issues of police morale. The fund has enjoyed strong support amongst political leaders and the private sector, and appears to be sustainable. This report analyses the structure and achievement of the LSSTF and looks at the context in which it has been created and sustained (including regional political dynamics, security and law enforcement context, national organisational structure and the challenges to the security sector at the national and state levels). The report also assesses the drivers to success (including how challenges were overcome, how LSSTF functions, relationship building between key actors and the capacity of LSSTF to generate continued support). It does not look at the LSSTF in isolation but rather considers the other progressive reforms of the State that create an enabling environment. The report also identifies similar security trust funds across other states and at the federal level, and shares learnings from the Lagos model and from experiences of replication.

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Lagos State Security Trust Fund

Focus Area(s): Security

Country of Reform: NIgeria

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