Women in Governance Series - The Making of an Amazon

Author: PERL

January 2020 in Lagos started out like every other year. Big businesses lined up, annual calendars and individuals shared goals for the next 12 months. However, few weeks into the year, everything changed, and Lagos, along with the rest of the world was thrust into uncertainty and panic. By April, businesses had shut down, oil prices plummeted, and most importantly, people were instilled with fear from the looming challenges ahead. In the middle of this global tension, at the heart of Nigeria’s economic capital, a team led by the assertive and resourceful Mrs. Adenike Bamgbola was crafting a sustainable pathway to recovery for a resilient city, and the rest of the state. As the Head of the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) in Lagos State, the responsibility of providing an economic solution during this pandemic rested squarely on Mrs. Bamgbola’s shoulders. Within a short time, she and her team delivered an actionable plan that covered key areas of interest. Mrs. Bamgbola and her team presented a comprehensive economic response plan for COVID-19 at the beginning of the pandemic with recommendations that have provided palliative solutions for those living in the epicentre of the pandemic in Nigeria. The implementation of their ideas has impacted over 30,000 Lagosians directly and many more indirectly.