Prospects of Public Sector Reform

Author: PERL

In November 2011, the Federal Government of Nigeria established the Presidential Committee on the restructuring and rationalisation of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies headed by Mr. Stephen Oronsaye to create a roadmap for repositioning the federal civil service to make it more productive. The outcome of the Committee’s work was an 800-page report popularly known as the Oronsaye Report released in April 2012 which emphasized the reduction of the cost of governance by eliminating the duplication of functions by several departments and agencies. It recommended the merger or outright abolition of 102 Federal Agencies. In April 2020, the Federal Government announced its decision to implement the Oronsaye Report as a means of reducing the cost of governance and mainstreaming efficiency in the civil service. The implementation will serve as the cornerstone of broader Public Sector Reform efforts.